Diverter Experience from the Extreme World of Combined Cycle

Braden has designed and manufactured diverter isolators since 1985. The bulk of our diverter experience is in combined-cycle gas turbine power plants, where extreme and sudden thermal changes necessitate thorough design foresight. We have also designed diverters for desulfurization (FGD) applications with several unique and patented features for improved flow distribution.

Design Features

  • Flexible Inconel® seal elements
  • Toggle or pivot drive system operation
  • Thermal stress-free blade design
  • Internal casing insulation
  • Delivery in one piece or split into sections as per transportation limits
  • Hydraulic power units with HRSG protection mode

High Performance

The requirements for diverter design have multiplied dramatically due to increases in mass flow and exhaust gas temperatures combined with more operation cycles. The Braden Diverter design greatly reduces thermal stress, the cause of damage and leakage. Whether you have the latest high end gas turbine or a smaller unit, we can insure long time reliability and performance.

  • “F” Class technology
  • High reliability
  • FEM analysis of all internal load/thermal stress-related
  • Extensive experience
  • The OEM’s preferred choice
  • Over 250 diverter dampers built