A Comprehensive, Integrated Approach to F-Class Exhaust Diffuser Aging

Our new comprehensive approach to F-class diffuser upgrades provides an integrated method to extend the life and improve the performance of your F-class diffuser internal components.

We offer multiple engineered solutions that can be applied individually or together as a comprehensive system.

Flex Seal Upgrades

Comprehensive repair and upgrade kits address excessive leakage caused by weld failures, stud failures, excessive deflection of clamp bars, and misalignments. Upgrades include advanced weld processes, reinforced clamp bar supports along with the standard critical hardware.

Forward Flex Belt

All-new approach to reduce leakage, reduce temperatures, and improve personnel safety. The new design includes an advanced flex belt mounting system, an insulation bolster system, expansion joint belt and all necessary hardware for installation. This system is designed to be installed over the flex seal upgrade kit.

Internal Liner System

New system has improved vibrational response and thermal allowances. Design includes upgraded stud to support bar welding, eliminating forward facing liner overlaps and field joint liners and utilizes upgraded geometry, materials, welding processes, and specialized installation fixturing.

Aft Expansion Joint

Comprehensive upgrade kit addresses insulation shrinkage and subsequent premature expansion joint failures. Upgrade kit includes internal liners and liner supports, pre-manufactured cavity fill pillows, expansion joint belt, and associated hardware.