Braden has recently been awarded a $6MM order for two Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems for a 200 MW dual-fuel Simple Cycle Power Plant in Medway, Massachusetts. These SCR systems are used to reduce plant emissions (Natural Gas: 2.5 ppmvd for NOx and VOC, 5.0 ppmvd for CO and Ammonia; Liquid Fuel: 5.0 ppmvd for NOx, CO, VOC, and Ammonia) and are designed for dual use operation with turbine maximum mass flow rate of 1,842,000 LB/HR on natural gas and 1,832,000 LB/HR on liquid fuel. The scope of the project includes Ammonia Injection Grid (AIG), ammonia vaporization skid, horizontal ductwork, tempering air systems, exhaust flow distribution, CO and NOx catalysts, 160-foot tall exhaust stacks, and ladders & platforms. Delivery is scheduled for January 2017. These SCR systems represent the 11th and 12th systems of its kind with this large OEM in the US market. Braden is a leading global supplier of SCR and other auxiliary systems for simple and combined cycle gas turbine applications.