Braden has developed Exhaust Diffusers and Exhaust Plenums for most OEM and retrofit applications.

Our Exhaust Diffusers are designed very carefully using a proven, confident approach to the floating internal liner system. Because this area is so turbulent, we take extra care in our design to insure high reliability and our history shows no failures. With over 1000+ in operation, we have perfected the internally lined systems, and have also patented the transition from the unlined turbine flange (or externally lined), to the internally lined diffuser. In addition, our Diffuser designs offer every possible shipping configuration to minimize shipping cost and reduce field welding/erection time.

After years of customer feedback and field research inspections, we were able to develop the optimal internally lined Exhaust Plenum. Braden has developed Plenums for all of the OEM turbine sizes that are both easy to install and easy to dismantle for Turbine maintenance. Our field splits are also fully internally lined and insulated to significantly reduce the external shell plate temperatures. This equates to a safe work environment, and a product with a much longer life span.