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A Century of Business Excellence ‐ Celebrating 100 Years of Success.

The Braden Group, one of the leading companies for air handling, noise emissions control, energy storage and gas turbine auxiliary support systems is proud to announce its hundredth anniversary of being in business. Throughout the years, the Braden Group has made great strides in delivering plant performance efficiencies for countless customers in the power generation, gas transmissions, oil & gas, petrochemical, and industrial sectors. The group has expanded its global reach to Europe, UK and Americas.

Since 1923, Braden has been a pioneering force in the Power Generation industry, founded by Glenn T. Braden after his retirement from ONG (Oklahoma Natural Gas). The company has since built a standout reputation centred on quality, innovation, and safety. With an unwavering commitment to these core values, Braden has successfully adapted to the changing market dynamics, growing and evolving comprehensively over the decades.

Today, Braden’s focus centres on contributing to a greener world and providing solutions to support the planet on its quest to become a clean energy system. Notably, the Plant Upgrade Solutions department in the UK has achieved remarkable progress in recent months, securing its inaugural contract and propelling the company into a position of significant advantage. The dedicated team at Product Solutions have also seen significant growth, further contributing to its upward trajectory.

We are exceedingly proud of achieving this milestone and grateful to everyone who has contributed to the success of our journey. This achievement is not only based on its legacy but on the loyalty and support of its customers and employees.” – Thomas Breuer, CEO.

To celebrate the centennial milestone, Braden will host a range of virtual and in-person events in the coming months, showcasing the company’s journey, achievements, and future growth plans. The events will provide an opportunity for the company staff, clients, and partners to come together and celebrate this momentous occasion.

Braden looks forward to the continued growth, success, and innovation in the coming decades.

Celebrating a Century of Excellence!

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