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A Testament to Lasting Partnerships: Braden Joins Hands with VRA Once Again for a Groundbreaking Project Spanning Over Three Decades.

In a powerful display of the transformative power of long-standing partnerships and exceptional service, Braden recently reunited with their esteemed client, VRA (Volta River Authority), to embark on a ground-breaking project that dates back to 1996.

In 1996, Braden and Tulsa Manufacturing undertook the construction and assembly of a pair of Bypass Systems with Diverter Dampers on 2 Frame 9E Model in Takoradi, Ghana, for VRA, the national electricity generator and supplier in Ghana. Twenty-five years later, VRA once again turned to Braden, placing their trust in them to replace the bypass system with Diverter dampers and its related components. The intricate nature of the project was evident, as the Diverter was located within a existing steel structure, requiring in situ modifications to facilitate its replacement as a single component.

The team at Braden rose to the challenge and worked with local VRA Project Team with unwavering expertise and dedication. By carefully dismantling and reinforcing the existing structure, they successfully installed the new Diverter, integrating it into the surrounding infrastructure. The project stands as a shining example of their commitment to Teamwork excellence and their ability to deliver innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

The continued trust and support from VRA confirm Braden’s manufacturing’s position as industry leaders, consistently delivering not only innovative solutions but also fostering enduring relationships with their valued clients.

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