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Curious to witness the grandeur of a 100-year celebration?

On Friday 15th September the Braden Group hosted a 100th birthday celebration inviting staff from all global offices including Americas, Spain and the UK as well as business partners.

The celebration began under the sunny sky with live music performed by Francine & Romaine, a talented duo known for their ability to sing in 7 different languages. It was a momentous and joyful occasion as our global team finally reunited in-person, breaking free from the confines of Zoom screens and conference calls that have become all too familiar in the digital world.

The celebration persisted with a speech from Thomas Breuer, Braden’s CEO, as he took the team on a remarkable journey spanning from the company’s humble beginnings in 1923 to the present year of 2023. In just 15 minutes he encapsulated the major milestones, both past and recent, including significant accomplishments like the establishment of the UK office and the remarkable growth of the multinational team, which now stands at an impressive 175 members.

With anticipation and excitement, the team, consisting of both long-standing members who had been part of the company for decades and newcomers from the new generation, eagerly watched as a massive 15,000ml champagne bottle, accompanied by several smaller bottles, made its way through the crowd. Weighing a staggering 84 lbs, the bottle almost became a victim of sabrage, but at the last moment, Thomas Breuer decided to go with tradition and opened it in the old-fashioned way.

As the glasses were filled and passed around, each team member had the opportunity to raise their glass and toast to the extraordinary journey of the past 100 years and their privilege of being part of such a monumental moment in the company’s history.

Regardless of whether a company reaches the milestone of 100 years in business or not, what remains undeniable is the ongoing pursuit of gratitude, lessons learned, and leaving behind a legacy for the next generation. It is important to recognise that for this company, their journey is far from over. In fact, they are just getting started.

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