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Leading the Way in Emission Reduction: Braden Successfully Delivers Another Simple Cycle Hot SCR Solution with New Drive Technology in Italy

In a significant milestone for the air quality and emissions management sector, Braden, a renowned industry leader, has successfully delivered another selective catalyst reduction (SCR) system with innovative drive technology in Italy on an aeroderivative gas turbine.

Designed to address the pressing need for emissions reduction, this ground-breaking technology empowers plants to achieve Emissions Guarantee Design specifically for the low to 100% operating loads required by modern peaker and grid firming sites. By assisting plants in meeting new emission regulations, it contributes to building a greener and more
sustainable world.

The newly delivered SCR unit adopts an aqueous ammonia-based system and is equipped with a purge air fan system, enabling it to operate flawlessly in a 65MW peaking plant. With meticulous attention to detail, the unit integrates NOx and CO catalysts within an acoustically optimized site, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing noise impact on the neighbouring houses.

Braden’s dedicated team of experts designed and fabricated this critical infrastructure, ensuring full compliance with all European regulations. As a result, the system is now fully operational, ready to support the Italian Grid.

This achievement marks a significant advancement in emission reduction technology and reaffirms Braden’s commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions for air quality, noise control, emissions management, and energy storage. Through such innovative contributions, the company continues to pave the way toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.

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