Redefine Your Use Case

Hybrid EGT

The Hybrid EGT® (Electric Gas Turbine) redefines how you can use your assets by providing full fidelity of its operating range (100% turndown) allowing full grid support with minimum fuel and precise energy delivery. This means the Hybrid EGT® will help you maximize value and minimize cost

Photo courtesy of ENMAX Corporation.

“As we navigate the transition to a 100% renewable future we need the gas fleet to become faster and more flexible (lower minimum load level, short start-ups). Like what Edison did with their EGT’s by adding batteries to their Peakers. We need more solutions like that.”

– Mark Rothleder, Vice President of Market Quality & Renewable Integration, CAISO
Why Hybrid?

Reduce Emissions

By integrating energy storage and advanced emissions controls into existing resources, hybrids are able to deliver superior flexibility and performance than traditional gas-fired resources at a fraction of the cost of stand-alone batteries. 

Why Hybrid?


This means higher system reliability, less pollution, less water usage, and faster payback.

Why Hybrid?

Lower Costs

The EGT also significantly reduce revenue requirements over the long run. Model results show that under the existing storage target, each hybrid resource has the potential to reduce ratepayer costs by a net present value of over $26.4 million through 2030.